When Troy and Gabriella show up for their callback audition, Sharpay walks to center stage to gaze adoringly out at the house, which is filling up with an audience of their peers.

Look at what- or rather, who- Ryan is staring at when he makes his way over. 




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You’re easier to dance with than she is.

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In all seriousness, folks, if someone doesn’t cast Lucas Grabeel and Zac Efron as lovers in a movie, 





they are seriously missing out on a golden opportunity. 

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Troy leans into Ryan and desperately says, “You’re easier to dance with than she is.”


Sharpay pushes her way between the boys, testily declaring, “Okay, my turn!”


Sharpay had to have known something was going on. She had to have sensed the sexual tension between Troy and Ryan, otherwise, why would she have said that?

And, the way Troy and Ryan maintain that intense eye-contact…!




And, how Ryan reaches for Troy…!


Just… Just…! Why?!

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Tryan: Forever & Always- This is lovingly dedicated to my fellow Troy/Ryan fans, and the people who insist that there is nothing between these characters.

Four minutes worth of footage is certainly a whole lot of “nothing”, huh?

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I have good news for all of my followers who ship Tryan! A new, potentially on-going Tryan fanfiction has been posted to very recently by a writer who has just started writing for the fandom. If you feel up to it, please go over there, check the first chapter of the story out, and give the author support.

The Tryan fandom was in a bad drought for the past several months, over on, and I’d hate to see what little bit of support there is for Troy/Ryan die out permanently. Let’s be supportive of both new talents and persisting ones, alike, okay?

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Because New Year’s Eve is the anniversary of a rather important event in one Troy Bolton’s young life, I consider it a fanfiction worthy time of year. So, I produced a little story for you guys. 



Auld Lang Syne

Call it bitter irony. Call it Fate. Whatever it is, Troy Bolton is far from singing its praises, at the moment. He stands in the crowded rec room of a ski resort in Colorado on New Year’s Eve. The exact same resort that, exactly four years prior, he met the girl that would become his first girlfriend at a party, when he got roped into singing karaoke. 

Gabriella Montez. 

Troy surveys his fellow party-goers from his current position, leaning against the back wall. He holds an untouched glass of champagne in his hand, and hopes that the tremors wracking his legs aren’t noticeable. 

Gabriella was his girlfriend of a year and just shy of six months, in high school. She was the girl who helped him to discover his passion for singing and performing. He ventured outside of his clique among the basketball team at East High, onto the stage, because of her. To say that she “changed”, him would be a fairly massive understatement. She was also the girl who gradually warped his self-image and devastated his self-esteem. To the extent that he still can’t quite wrap his mind around the fact that someone like Ryan Evans, his beautiful, smart, funny, and extremely talented fiance, could actually love him. 

Even though Ryan voiced his ecstatic “Yes!”, before Troy had completely finished getting the words of his proposal out. Even though Ryan never left his side, even when he sustained an injury that threw his promising career in basketball right out the window. 

Troy’s heart skips a beat as he zeroes in an a svelte figure with curvy hips. Swerving and dodging around bodies, there’s Ryan- swiftly making his way through the crowd to Troy with his own half-full glass of sparkling champagne. 

The brunette feels some of the weight and bitterness lift right off of his chest at the sight of the blond. 

"This place is packed, huh?” Ryan asks, touching Troy’s shoulder as he takes up a position beside him. The effect of his touch is immediate. The grinding tension already begins to ease off of Troy’s stomach. 

"You could say that," Troy replies. He takes in the still uncomfortably familiar scenery; the brightly lit screens filled with text, the microphones that two unwilling participants stand at on the stage, the foosball tables, the ridiculous party hats. He almost feels like he’s sixteen years-old, again, utterly oblivious to how his life is mere moments away from being altered in ways that he never could have imagined. 

"Do you wanna go somewhere more quiet?" Ryan raises his voice, slightly, to be heard over the music, the singing, and the chatter carrying on around them. "I think the lobby is pretty empty, right about now." His blue eyes search Troy’s face intently, looking for tale-tell signs of onsetting panic, or a desperate need to escape the air that is ever tightening with so many people compacted together in one space. Big, overly crowded parties aren’t exactly Ryan’s scene, either. Especially when they’re so crowded that he isn’t even able to dance. 

Honestly, Troy would love the opportunity to escort Ryan onto the floor. He’d get lost in the music, in Ryan’s gentle, guiding touches, in the spellbinding movements of Ryan’s hips, and forget all about the sense of foreboding that is causing his stomach to churn. 

When Troy doesn’t answer, Ryan follows his fiance’s line of sight to the microphones on the stage. Sympathy fills his soft features. “Hey. No one is going to call you up there to sing,” he promises. He moves to cradle Troy’s face with his palm and strokes Troy’s cheek reassuringly with his thumb.”We’ll leave before that happens.”

A smile tugs at Troy’s lips. “Thanks, Ry,” he murmurs, placing his hand over Ryan’s and giving the pale, slender appendage a squeeze. “I know. It’s just…” The concern in Ryan’s eyes compels him to go on. “D’you ever wish you could go back in time, and make it so something never happened?”

"Of course," Ryan says softly, and Troy regrets asking the question. Life left the younger, male half of the Evans twins with his own battle scars, as it does with everyone. 

"I’m sorry. That was… It was a stupid question," Troy berates himself. He pulls away from Ryan’s touch and frustratedly swigs down a third of the champagne in his glass. 

"No. No, it wasn’t stupid," Ryan assures him. He glances back at the stage, where the two performers are just finishing their duet, then turns his full attention back to Troy, his brows knitting with a mixture of anxiousness and curiosity. "What do you wish you could change, Troy?" 

Troy swallows and half-shrugs. “I don’t know… I…” He tears his eyes away from the floor and looks at Ryan, who he knows isn’t going to harshly judge him for what he’s about to say. “Sometimes, I wish I could change what happened, that night, so I never would have met Gabriella at that party,” he admits, his voice unsteady. 

Ryan absorbs that information, then goes quiet, for a second. He bashfully shuffles his feet, and the corner of his mouth quirks. 

"I guess that kind of makes me sound like an asshole, though," Troy murmurs. "I mean, if Gabriella never would’ve transferred to East High, so many things never would have-"

"I wished for the same thing. Too many times."

Troy blinks, unable to hide his surprise. 

"At first, it was because I was jealous," Ryan admits, his inflection tinged with bitterness, self-deprecation, and regret. "Then… it was because I hated how she treated you. How she made you feel like a worthless idiot who was completely disposable to her.” 

"Ry…" Troy starts, taking a step back into the smaller male. 

Ryan blinks, his eyes misty. He’s too caught up in his words, in chastising himself, to notice Troy approaching. “So, if wishing to be able to turn back time and change that makes you ‘kind of’ an asshole, then wishing for it as many times as I did makes me a giant asshole.” 

"Well…" With another step, Troy closes the gap between them. Ryan looks up, his widened eyes searching his fiancé’s. "In that case, you’re my giant asshole, and we can both be assholes together,” Troy finishes in a low voice. He presses his nose to Ryan’s, relief coursing through him as the brilliant, megawatt smile that he adores slowly breaks out on Ryan’s face. He offers Ryan his arm, which Ryan gladly takes, and they begin to exit the rec room for a quieter, less crowded area of the resort. 

On their way out, Troy hears the MC calling out the next two unfortunate partygoers to be reluctantly partnered up for a round of karaoke. He’s almost giddy enough to let out a cheer that he’s been overlooked, and Ryan shoots him a smile, as if to say, "See? What did I tell you?"


Snow lightly pelts Troy’s jacket, despite the arm that he has raised protectively over his face. Laughing, he quickly packs together another snowball and flings it at Ryan, who, clutching at his hat to keep it on his head, ducks out of the way, just in time. It’s not as though Troy meant to hit Ryan, after all. Aside from some people riding the ski lifts overhead, they’re the only people outside. The noise of the parties occurring inside is muffled by the walls of the resort and the winter air. It almost creates an illusion that Troy and Ryan are the only two people in the world. Troy sees his breath form a cloud in front of him as he makes his way over to Ryan and scoops the petite male up. 

"Distracting your opponent and crossing enemy lines. That’s two strikes, Bolton,” Ryan informs him. The smile on his face and barely contained laughter in his voice completely negate his statement, however. 

"Uh-huh, and here’s a third." Troy lets his legs buckle and purposely sends himself toppling into the freshly fallen snow, bringing Ryan down with him. Ryan lets out a gasp and clings tightly to the taller male the instant before they hit the snow and it audibly crunches under their weight. 

Troy chuckles softly and Ryan joins in, flopping down beside him. “It almost feels like we’re in a Hallmark card,” Troy says. 

"Or a snow globe," Ryan offers, a hint of wonder to his voice. 

"I was thinking, Ryan…"


"The year and a half that Gabriella and I were together…" Troy pauses and Ryan looks to him, encouraging him to continue. "It seems so small compared to the rest of my life that… That I’m going to share with you.” Troy smiles, staring into Ryan’s eyes so the blond actor will know that he means it. 

Affected by Troy’s words, his eyes shining, Ryan can only manage a quiet, tremulous, “Oh, Troy… You know it.” They link hands, their fingers intertwining, and help each other stand upright. By the time the traditional countdown to midnight has begun, they’re already kissing, Ryan’s arms wrapped about Troy’s neck, Troy’s hands resting on Ryan’s hips.  

Fireworks go off, somewhere nearby, and as explosions of colors light up the night sky, Troy takes hold of Ryan’s hand. Let old acquaintance be forgot, he silently instructs himself. 

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The Only Person On Troy’s Side- 

I highly recommend watching this one in HD and in fullscreen mode. 

I have a little something for all of you High School Musical fans, out there, to mull over:

Why wasn’t Ryan Evans allowed to become Troy Bolton’s boyfriend, or even his best friend, after the events of High School Musical 2

Because, it seems pretty clear to me that Ryan is one of the only people on Troy’s side.

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