"You're easier to dance with than she is."

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Ryan Evans and Troy Bolton being closer than most teenage boys. Especially when one of those teenage boys is in a relationship with a girl. 

Sweetie- Troy & Ryan

At long last, here is a new Tryan video!

It’s been too long.

I feel that this song, as bubblegum pop-y as it is, accurately describes Ryan’s point of view on his relationship with Troy- he’ll do whatever he can to make Troy happy, and to demonstrate that he’s there for him.

Oh, and please watch this in HD. The quality looks abysmal otherwise. 


hi there, i just read your fic The Resilience of Marshmallows and wanted to let you know i thought it was so lovely! it felt so real, and fitted perfectly with where the third movie left off. the moments where Troy and Ryan started to relax and ease from their stresses and anxieties into a comfortable relationship, and so naturally, really showed that it was meant to happen all along, it warmed my heart. <3
Awww, thank you so much, Anon! It’s been a while since I’ve revisited that story, but I remember being quite proud of it when I posted it. 

I’m glad that you feel that my attempt to make the progression of Ryan and Troy’s relationship feel as natural as possible was a success. I’d hate for the two halves of my favorite pairing finally coming together to feel forced in any way. Especially since I always aim for my characters to resemble real people as much as they can. 

I’ve actually been re-reading this story, just because of you and your sweet message. I want you to know that I’ve really enjoyed reliving it. 

Thank you, again. Hearing feedback from people that honestly enjoy my work makes writing feel that much more worthwhile. <3
Also, you’ve mentioned before that parts of Troy’s dialogue in the movies show he is sexually confused, could you please give some examples? i’d love to be able to understand his character better. thank you! :)
Of course! I’d be more than happy to share some examples with you! There just aren’t enough people in the High School Musical fandom that are interested in doing Troy justice, and that’s a darned shame. He’s a great, very dynamic, multi-faceted character with a ton of sadly overlooked depth to him. It always warms my heart to see someone express interest in trying to better understand him. 
For the first example, we’ll go back to the first movie.

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Troy Bolton being a “puppy-dog”.

You’re easier to dance with than she is.