"You're easier to dance with than she is."

"Everyday of our lives..."

Sweetie- Troy & Ryan

At long last, here is a new Tryan video!

It’s been too long.

I feel that this song, as bubblegum pop-y as it is, accurately describes Ryan’s point of view on his relationship with Troy- he’ll do whatever he can to make Troy happy, and to demonstrate that he’s there for him.

Oh, and please watch this in HD. The quality looks abysmal otherwise. 

Tryan: Forever & Always- This is lovingly dedicated to my fellow Troy/Ryan fans, and the people who insist that there is nothing between these characters.

Four minutes worth of footage is certainly a whole lot of “nothing”, huh?

The Only Person On Troy’s Side- 

I highly recommend watching this one in HD and in fullscreen mode. 

I have a little something for all of you High School Musical fans, out there, to mull over:

Why wasn’t Ryan Evans allowed to become Troy Bolton’s boyfriend, or even his best friend, after the events of High School Musical 2

Because, it seems pretty clear to me that Ryan is one of the only people on Troy’s side.

High School Musical From A Tryan Vantage Point (Revised Edition)

I somehow managed to forget a rather crucial segment in the original version of this video. My bad, guys.

So, here is the revised edition including Troy and Ryan’s first onscreen interaction with each other. The same basic idea still stands: 

"If you take out a lot of the emphasis on Troy and Gabriella’s unhealthy mess of a relationship, and remove the other extraneous bits, there’s a much more interesting, healthy, and realistic love story in these movies. 

This is the story that I’m, hopefully, bringing to light with this video.

And, just so you know, there was no doctoring done to the order of these clips. I did not manipulate the dialogue, or the characters’ actions and reactions. I merely shifted the focus onto the progression of Ryan and Troy’s relationship.”


"So, walk, walk walk. Jump in. Aroooound the world. Aaand, spin out. See? You’ve got it!"

"You’re easier to dance with than she is…!"

The scene that made everyone a Tryan shipper. 

They know!

Look at this. Zac Efron and Lucas Grabeel knew darned well that Ryan was gay. They knew it.

And, that just makes it clear that, for whatever reason, not only did Zac make the subtext that Troy was sexually confused into text, but he also decided that Troy was going to requite the all-too-obvious feelings that Ryan has for him.

Zac Efron’s Singing In High School Musical

 Just to clear things up, Zac Efron actually does sing in the first High School Musical. According to Zac, himself, his voice was still changing at the time, as some nineteen year-old boys’ voices are, and he understandably didn’t want to embarrass himself by singing notes that would cause his voice to crack in front of America. 

 You can hear a noticeable difference in the overall power and quality of his vocals in the later two movies, due to the fact that he had finished going through puberty by that point. 

 So, can people stop acting like it’s some kind of earth shattering revelation that Zac Efron “didn’t actually sing in the first High School Musical!!”? Because, he totally did.

The part of “What I’ve Been Looking For” where Sharpay briefly stops singing to admonish Ryan for doing his adorable jazz square, and Ryan maintains professionalism so you get to hear his lovely voice hold out his note solo. 

Uptown Girl- Troy/Ryan

 One of the things that I find so endearing about Ryan and Troy’s relationship is that, given his status as the son of the wealthy Vance Evans, Ryan is bound to have encountered many handsome teenage sons of the men that his father does business with. Yet, these boys probably revealed themselves to be pompous, stuffed shirt “fuddy duddies”, whom Ryan derived no pleasure from interacting with.

 No. Instead, Ryan falls for Troy Bolton; the small town boy who is baffled by the usage of French in daily conversations, frequently uses slang, can’t properly knot a tie, and occasionally droops his pants. Ryan absolutely adores Troy’s small town boy charm, despite being afraid of the group of people that Troy is most closely associated with. 

 And Troy, who repairs his rusted hand-me-down pickup truck with spare parts from the city dump, would try his best to win Ryan’s affections. 

Troy & Ryan (Revised Version)

One could say that this is, essentially, the entire main trilogy in a nutshell. Or, rather, the only decent parts of it.